Taylor Ramos

Taylor Ramos
  • Volleyball: Sophomore Setter
  • High School: Porterville High School
  • Notable: Two-time All-CVC selection; Academic All-CVC; Student-Athlete Advisory Council President


What do you like about being a student-athlete at WHCC?

"I really enjoy the small atmosphere here on campus and the community support is really great. I love that the whole school is supportive of all the athletic teams. Everyone knows who you are and what sport you play and that really makes a big difference. I love how all the sports support each other every game and are always loud." 


How have you improved as a player this season?

"Last season I got into my head a lot more than I should have and I was still maturing as a player. This year, I didn't have that problem and it's because I realized that getting in my head was only limiting myself from reaching my goals. I set a goal to be able to move onto the next level at the beginning of the season and I put my all into this season. I also matured a lot more this year, I was able to keep my personal feelings away and play the game. I wanted our team to be successful and in order for that to happen, I had to stay mature and lead the team through wins or losses. Physically, I learned a lot more this year, thanks to Coach Jeff and Coach Kevin because they pushed me to my limits. I never once felt like I wasn't learning anything, because this year every practice was competitive and a learning experience. It was really great."


Why did you decide to attend WHCC?

"I decided to attend WHCC because of the coaches and the staff. Coach Jeff and Coach Kevin have a good reputation for being really great coaches and once I met them, I knew it was the right fit for me. They knew a lot about the game and I knew I could learn a lot from them throughout my two years. Also, the school staff was great, I really liked everyone once I came for a visit. The residence halls were a plus because my parents wanted me to live in the dorms, and I had the opportunity to eventually become an RA, which would help financially. Erin Corea was also a big factor for my decision because she made me feel right at home without any stress. She really is great." 


Why should potential volleyball players consider joining the Falcons?

"The program is great and the coaches are phenomenal. Freshmen will learn a lot and improve mentally and physically. The coaches are wonderful and push you to your limits - both mentally and physically. I have grown so much in the past two years as both a person and a player. The culture of the program is great and is team-based. Every practice is competitive and a learning opportunity. The atmosphere in the gym is like no other."


What motivates you to succeed?

"Personally, my family is what motivates me. Growing up, we weren't the most financially able, and I was determined to succeed and provide for my family, in all aspects of my life. When I started playing volleyball, I knew I wanted to do something with it. I worked hard through high school trying to improve my game so I could eventually get a chance to have my college paid for or semi-paid for. I knew I didn't have the financial means to go to college, so I knew volleyball could help if I worked hard enough. I wanted to go to college so I could get a degree and be able to help my parents out because they sacrificed a lot for me to even play volleyball. So when I had the opportunity to come to play at West Hills, I was ecstatic because I knew it was a way for me to get my education, play volleyball, and eventually be given the chance to go on to the next level. I have my doubts about myself, everyone does, but when those doubts start to creep in, I think of my family and what they have sacrificed for me, and it motivates me to succeed so I can give back to them."


What is your favorite memory so far at WHCC?

"So far my favorite memory is the Fresno City match this last year. We were not favored to win, but that didn't stop us. The way our team came together as one to compete against Fresno City was beautiful. We took the first set from them, and it was a battle. No one expected us to even take a set from Fresno City, but that didn't phase us. We went into that game ready to fight, and we did. Every single player on our team was 100% focused on the game and we all worked so great together. We might not have won the match, but the fight we had, and how we were one on the court, was simply great. We were the only team in conference to win two sets against them during the season." 


What are your plans for the immediate future-and your long-range goals?

"My plans for the immediate future are not set in stone yet. I want to continue playing and have two schools looking at me to come play for them, so that might be an opportunity for me. I know for sure that I am transferring and getting my Bachelor's degree. Hopefully, I can keep playing the sport I love, as well as getting my degree. My long-range goals are to eventually graduate with my Bachelor's degree and go to school to get my Master's. I also want to get my multiple-subject teaching credential so I can become an Elementary school teacher."