Isabella Galang, Women's Volleyball

Isabella Galang, Women's Volleyball

Isabella Galang was named the California Community College Women's Volleyball Coaches Association (CCCWVCA) Player of the Week. This is the first such honor in many, many years for the Falcons. Galang, a sophomore setter from Strathmore High School (Strathmore, CA), played club volleyball for Job Lara at SoCal Juniors. Galang plans on transferring and continuing to play volleyball while majoring in nursing.

"It was really unexpected and unreal that I was named Player of the Week with so many other great athletes" Galang said after learning of the honor. "It's motivating to see what my hard work has gotten me and it makes me want to aim higher and set more goals for myself."

"Bella has been a huge, huge part of our success this year," Coach Jeff Wanderer remarked. "She came in with a great skill set, but has really adapted to the tempo of the offense and her overall IQ in the position. She is just such a leader in so many ways. I'm just so really proud for her for what she has accomplished over the last two years."

Galang was tested to the limits on Oct. 25 when the team had a 9 a.m. serve and pass. Bella arrived to the gym early and immediately laid down on the floor. It became pretty aparent early on that something was not quite right and her breathing became labored. The athletic training staff tended to her for about 30 minutes when it was determined that EMS would have to be called.

Galang spent the day at Adventist Health in Hanford until she was released in the late afternoon. Driven by her mother from Hanford, Galang arrived in time to warm up for the match at Taft College. "She was pretty exhausted but she was absolutely determined to be there for her team. No matter what." Wanderer said.

She was once again tested on the following Wednesday during the five-set thriller against Merced College. "She was still feeling the effects from the Taft match I think," said Wanderer. "Every chance we got, she was to sit down and rest." 

As much as Isabella works to serve her teammates, she understands that her teammates make it happen. "I feel that I wouldn't be a Player of the Week without my teammates. Each one of them is so competitive and it gives me the drive to get better not only for myself but also for them. I couldn't get my hitters the sets they need without my passers and the hitters always do a great job of making the most out of what I give them. This is as much their award as much as mine."